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ZIZE range

All products in the ZIZE range are developed for the lowest possible life cycle cost (LCC). At the heart of the products is our unique PolyCross® heat exchanger, which is a highly efficient two-step cross-flow heat exchanger capable of delivering up to 95% thermal efficiency. This heat exchanger is also more resistant to freezing compared to conventional alternatives, which means that defrosting requirements are considerably reduced. Fewer defrost cycles means that the heat exchanger's high efficiency can be utilised for a greater part of the year, resulting in lower energy consumption. Few moving parts reduces the need for service while the high serviceability simplifies maintenance measures.

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The flexibility of the ZIZE range provides great opportunities to efficiently use building areas where other units simply won't fit or work. Even areas that are generally difficult to utilise, such as basements with low ceilings and pillars, can be used. This frees up space in more attractive areas of the building, which instead can be used to increase the leasable area and generate more rental income. In new builds, the total building volume can also be reduced by designing the ventilation solution at an early stage and basing it on a ZIZE solution.