ZPAZE range

Just as the name implies, the ZPAZE range is comprised of compact, high-performance air handling units. With different types of heat exchangers, such as rotary, counter-flow, two-step cross-flow and run-around coil heat exchangers, there's always a solution for your needs. All heat exchangers in the ZPAZE range are made of metal and are carefully selected in partnership with industry leaders.

The units are highly robust, designed to withstand rough treatment and deliver a long service life. The compact dimensions and easily separated modules simplify handling and transport, providing additional benefits, especially in renovation projects. Many alternative models and connection types, combined with flexible production, enable extensive customisation. This ensures good opportunities for creating cost-effective solutions with small footprints.
With the opportunities and flexibility offered by the ZPAZE range, a solution for most types of buildings and operations is always close at hand.

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