Custom designs and solutions

Product description
VoltAir has extensive experience of developing and producing object adapted designs within air handling.. Both in the past under the Veremo brand and more recently as VoltAir. The ZYZTEM product segment includes many types of solutions for a wide variety of applications. In many cases, our knock-down air handling units are complemented with ducts, chambers and shafts from the ZYZTEM range assembled on site. Naturally, we can also supply individual knock-down items such as technical rooms, utility rooms and filter chambers. Common to all ZYZTEM products is that they are based on sandwich panels. The choice of panel is based entirely on the conditions and needs of each individual project, with consideration given to, for example, insulation material, thickness, corrosion class, colour and perforated/unperforated enclosure.
All designs and solutions are designed in a CAD environment by our experienced technical support department, turning ideas into realities in which our own fitters then take care of assembly on site.

ZYZTEM products are tailored to your needs and as such can be used for almost all applications.
Sizing and design
Since ZYZTEM designs and solutions are customised, they are designed on a case-by-case basis by our technical support department. Contact your nearest sales office for a consultation.

Relevant documentation for the ZYZTEM range can be found here.

Custom designed site mounted filter chamber.


Custom designed space-mounted ventilation shaft.