About us

VoltAir System, which is owned by Volution Group, develops, produces, markets and sells air handling units in the Nordic property market. With life cycle cost (LCC) as our key focus, we tailor individual products and bundled solutions for each specific project. Our unique market offering enables positive effects on total cost of ownership from several angles. VoltAir System's concept of prefabricated, modular and knock-down solutions encompasses everything from smaller standalone units to large central units, enabling maximum utilisation of the building's floor space. Being able to utilise existing spaces in renovation projects or reduce building volumes results in major gains in LCC calculations.

Our head office in Växjö, a town in southern Sweden, houses central departments, including finance, HR and IT. We have sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Avesta, Nyland and Växjö. We are also represented by VT Gävle Dala in Sweden and VVS og sprinkler in Norway. VoltAir System has two production units in Sweden, one in Torsby and one in Nyland. These production units house product development, production and technical support.

Business concept

VoltAir System AB develops, manufactures and sells flexible air handling units with a focus on favourable life cycle costs for the Nordic property market.


Our vision is to lead the Nordic market in custom air handling with a focus on the most favourable life cycle costs. With our great commitment, technical know-how, innovative solutions and high service level, we create added value and long-term partnerships with a positive outlook. We like what we do and have fun doing it.


Volution Group plc

Volution Group is a leading supplier of ventilation products with the Nordics, the UK, Central Europe and Australasia as its primary markets. The group offers a wide range of high-quality products developed to meet customer and end-user needs. Volution Group operates under the aegis of two divisions, Ventilation Group and Torin-Sifan. Ventilation Group primarily supplies ventilation products for residential and commercial buildings in the Nordics, the UK, Central Europe and Australasia. Torin-Sifan supplies motors, motorised impellers and fans for heating and ventilation applications in residential and commercial buildings the world over.

For more information, please visit www.volutiongroupplc.com