Unitary airhandling units for rooftop installation and air flows from 0.3 to 1.8 m³/s

Product description
The ZIZE-t series is designed exclusively for rooftop installation and to blend in well with the exterior building design for aesthetically pleasing results. Generally, the units are recessed halfway into the rooftop. This minimises the visible part of the unit, providing a low profile and a discreet installation.
Just like the other ZIZE series, the ZIZE-t is designed to deliver the most favourable life cycle costs and reliability. At the heart of the unit is PolyCross®, our proprietary two-pass two-step cross-flow heat exchanger. With balanced air flows, this heat exchanger is capable of achieving thermal efficiencies of up to 95%. Moreover, the need for defrosting is significantly reduced due to the size of the heat exchanger and the component material's low surface roughness and hydrophobic properties. Naturally, fewer defrost cycles means lower energy usage. The size and volume of the heat exchanger results in a laminar air flow through the exchanger, in principle the entire air flow area. This means favourable thermal recovery even with very low air flows, the optimal solution for a VAV or DCV system. The fans are based on EC technology and the overall result is a highly favourable LCC calculation and minimal environmental impact.
The units are delivered prefabricated and lifted directly into position as turnkey solutions.

The two-step cross-flow heat exchanger has completely separate air streams and is suitable for all types of buildings, especially those where odour transfer must be ruled out. ZIZE-t is used primarily in apartment buildings, but can of course be used in other applications where appropriate.

Functions & accessories
Aside from standard functions such as supply and exhaust air, heat exchange and filtration, a number of other functions are available. Here are a few examples:

• Right- or left-handed (option)
• Sloping roof model (option)
• Enclosure insulation material – mineral wool or EPS (option)
• ACDD defrosting function – A proprietary control function found in our Climatix controller (option)
• Fire function/bypass filter – Damper that opens in the event of fire, allowing the exhaust air to bypass the filters (standard – can be deselected)
• Air heater (water)
• Air cooler (water)
• Different filter classes
• Shut-off damper
• Climatix controller for pressure or flow control
• Plinth solution excluding controller but including installation material (sensors, actuators, wiring…)
• And much more…

Sizing and configuration
In order to find the optimal size for your project, you can use our user-friendly unit selection program, available for download here. The program allows you to select functions and accessories according to needs.

Relevant documentation for the ZIZE-t series can be found here.