Compact Air Handling Units - ZIZE

0.2 m³/s - 4.0 m³/s

The Compact AHUs in the ZIZE-series are standard units for installation on top of the roof, in installation room, next to or through the facade of the building.

ZIZE are available in two variants depending on where the unit shall be placed:
- ZIZE-i   indoor or outdoor
- ZIZE-t   on top of the roof

The units are delivered pre assembled from factory or as knock-down units to be installed at site.

When installing at site the necessary width for transportation of the equipment is as low as 60 cm

Fire function to have fans running in case of fire are optional, as well as coils for heating och cooling.
Automation is available as prefabricated but the units can also be delivered with connections box wthout automation. The internal cabling as well as sensors are preinstalled from factory to speed up installation at site.

When chosing prefabricated automation the energy optimisation anti freeze program ACDD are included.

To choose correct type and size of unit you can either make configuration yourself via our downloadable program or you just contact us and we will support you!