Incorporation Units - ZIZE-s

Rooms for installation of HVAC equipment always varies, depending on building character and usage.
The financial usage of a building can often be optimised by having an intelleigent placing of installations such as AHUs.

These units are individually tailored to be optimised for each and every project to get the very best usage of accessable areas.
The units are built as a ready unit directly on site and optimised for whatever unique requirements that the property owner has.
All components can be transported through doors with such narrow widths as 60cm - resulting in reduced cost compared with tearing down walls etc.

Units can be placed in rooms with ceiling heights as low as 1.9m. This gives an excellent opportunity to place the units in areas that previously have been difficult to find any usage for - also resulting in more area to used for renting etc.

Our construction department are glad to support you in any kind of projects where these kind of units can be suitable so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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