About us

VoltAir System is the air handling unit that delivers the best heat recovery of air in buildings. The secret behind the highly efficient recover lies in a patented heat exchanger with unique features that gives you a long, economical and trouble-free ownership. Heat transfer takes place without the transfer of odours and particles between the supply and exhaust air, which contributes to a good and healthy indoor climate.

VoltAir System is installed in residential buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and industries with good references and results. The units are available for flow rates from 700 m³ / h and above and can be supplied with integrated control or prepared with terminal interface to be easily connected to the controller that your organization uses. The unit's simple design with few components and moving parts for high serviceability and delivery in flat packages make it easy to get the units in place. VoltAir System is a Swedish quality product.

 VoltAir System is a unique economic, environmental and health concepts for air handling in buildings with mechanical supply- and exhaust air. The proven technology has long lifetime and high energy recovery from the exhaust air, which results in low operating costs over time. VoltAir System is manufactured in Torsby, Sweden, with marketing and sales in Stockholm. We constantly strive to evolve as a company and meet new market demands for accountability from an economic, environmental and social perspective. Our product is the market leader when it comes to the combination of economic, environmental, and health. We will offer a good operating economy, low environmental impact and a good healthy indoor climate.
VoltAir System offers a wide product range of air handling units, fan room walls and inspection hatches. We see a continued positive trend in the markets to look for more energy efficient solutions. We will, through continuous development, be the obvious choice for our customers.


The technology VoltAir System ® is based on has been known and proven for more than 25 years. When VoltAir System was created in 2006 knowledge was gathered together with expertise in technology and a new product was born. Extensive development work was initiated and testing units were installed. In 2006 the first units of type "VSI" was installed and in 2007 came the modular series "VSM". 2008 came the success "VSE", which took VoltAir system to a whole new level. National Institute of Technology "SP" 2009 verified the technical performance and mass production began.

In early 2010, production was expanded with a brand new production line and the first units were installed outside Sweden.

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Want to work with us and the most energy efficient Air Handling Units on the market?

VoltAir System is a company where a lot of things are happening.
Thanks to our fast expansion we are now looking for one or two dedicated persons to join our sales team.

We believe that key to success lies within the emplyees and therefore well-being and enjoyable team-spirit is very important for us.

We have high competence in-house and always strive to be in the leading edge of technology so if you are looking for an inspiring and developing challenge this position might be perfect for you!

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