ZIZE-t Compact Units for lowered roof top placement

0.2 m³/s - 1.8 m³/s

ZIZE-t is used on roof tops and partly lowered in to the roof of the building.
Operation and Maintenance is done via inspction doors place on the sides and front of the unit.

The way of installation and design of the unit creates a unit that fits aesthetically well in the buiding contour.

ZIZE-t are avilable in three different sizes as can be sen in the picture below. Correct units are chosen via our configuration tool - either you do it yourself or contact us and we'll be glad to help out!

Piture to the left is from a renovation site in Sigtuna where a number of ZIZE-t have been installed.

By placing more or less half of the unit below the actual roof and only leaving half the unit visible the visual impact is minimised compared with building a complete unit on top of the roof.

ZIZE-t are used in renovation projects as well as new constructions.