ZIZE-i Air handling units placed inside or outside

0.2 m³/s - 4.0 m³/s

ZIZE-i have inspection doors placed in the front for easy access for operation & maintenance.
The outdoor version have steel grates placed on the inlet- and exhaust air.

The new generation of ZIZE-i offers an new cover which offers outstanding insulation and eliminates all thermal bridges.

ZIZE-i are available in 24 differente sizes according to the picture to the right and units can treat air for flows between 0,2 and 4.0 m³/s.

To choose correct type and size of unit you can either make configuration yourself via our downloadable program or you just contact us and we will support you!

The lowest ceiling heights for indoor installation is just below 2 m. When celings are lower than 2 m or if the room have pillars or other obsticles, ZIZE-s could instead be the answer.